Muku Shuttr Mobile Shutter For iPhone And Android (video)

If you are looking for a way to remotely trigger the shutter on either your Android or iOS smartphone device you might be interested in a new concept recently launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding website called Muku Shuttr.

Muku Shuttr is marketed as the world’s slimmest remote camera control and has been designed to be used with the Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Notes 2, LG Nexus 4 without the need to use any additional application. To learn more about the new Muku Shuttr concept watch the video after the jump.

Muku Shuttr

The developer of the Muku Shuttr, Muku Labs based in Hong Kong explains a little more about the inspiration behind the development of the very unique smartphone camera controller.

“In my childhood, camera was a luxury item. I didn’t even have family photo together with my dad and mom. It became impossible after my mom passed away when I was a teenager. That’s why I have been so obsessive in taking photos with my wife and daughter since she was born.

But I was so frustrated that I couldn’t take self-photos easily with my iPhone. After chatting with friends and colleagues, I found that it’s indeed a very common problem among my peer group. So I quitted my job, sold my apartment for the money to build a remote shutter release for iPhone and Android.

After 1 years of R&D and production preparation, Muku Shuttr, the first ever mobile shutter to be able to work on both iPhone and Android, is ready for mass production.”

The Muku Shuttr  project is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production. So if you think Muku Shuttr  is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Muku Shuttr  become a reality.

Source: Kickstarter

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