Minuum Keyboard : The Little Keyboard For Big Fingers (video)

If you find typing with a QWERTY touchscreen keyboard a little uncomfortable and unproductive you might be interested in a new style of touchscreen keyboard that has been created in the form of the Minuum Keyboard.

The Minuum Keyboard has been designed to build on the QWERTY keyboard layout and puts all the keys to a horizontal line along the bottom of your devices screen whether it be a tablet or a smartphone.

Minuum Keyboard

Once installed the Minuum Keyboard allows you to type with either one or two fingers with speed and precision and can be seen in action in the video embedded below. Its creators explain:

“Type anywhere with Minuum, the little keyboard for big fingers. Minuum is a touchscreen keyboard app, soon to be available for Android, that saves you screen space while maintaining speed and accuracy. The simplicity of the Minuum keyboard also enables an unlimited number of new ways that you can type on wearable devices, game controllers, and more.”

If you fancy giving the Minuum Keyboard a go yourself it has just been released into a beta development version which is available for Android users to put through its paces. For more information on the Minuum Keyboard and to give it a try jump over to the Minuum Keyboard official website.

Source: Android Community : Droid-Life

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