Midi Fighter 3D Gyroscope-powered Motion Sensing DJ Controller

DJ Tech Tools has unveiled a new controller called the Midi Fighter 3D to their range of Dj controllers that’s equipped with a gyroscope-powered motion sensor and 4×4 array of arcade push-buttons. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action, and get a better feel for what the Midi Fighter 3D can provide.

Midi Fighter 3D

DJ Tech Tools explains a little more about the technology with their Midi Fighter 3D controller. “The 3D uses a gyroscope and a compass to track the position of the controller in space. The gyroscope tracks relative position (meaning angling the controller towards any of its sides), and the compass tracks rotation along the same plane that the controller is on (think turning the controller like a steering wheel).”

The Midi Fighter 3D will be arriving in stores in April and will be priced at around $250. But if you cant wait there is also a pre-order list available to make sure you are one of the first to receive the Midi Fighter 3D once it officially launches.

Midi Fighter 3D

Source: Engadget : Create Digital Music : DJ Tech Tools

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