Microsoft Wont Use Microsoft Mobile As A Brand Name For Smartphones

We previous heard that Microsoft would be renaming Nokia’s mobile and services division Microsoft Mobile OY, it turns out this is just a legal name, and not what will be used as a brand name for future Microsoft Windows Phone devices.

Stephen Elop recently revealed in an AMA that Microsoft will not use the Microsoft Mobile branding on their new smartphones, the company can use the Nokia brand for a period of time, but it looks like they intend to use a yet to be announced name for their devices.

Microsoft Mobile

“[Microsoft Mobile] is not a brand that will be seen by consumers,” said Elop. “The Nokia brand is available to Microsoft to use for its mobile phones products for a period of time, but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go forward smartphone brand.”

He did not disclose any details on what these new devices will be called, although considering the Lumia brand is now owned by Microsoft we wouldn’t be surprised if they use that for future devices.

Source TechCrunch

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