Microsoft Set To Launch Commercial Kinect SDK In 2012

Coming up to exactly one year since Microsoft originally released their new Kinect gaming motion controller for the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft has today unveiled plans to release a commercial software development kit (SDK) for its Kinect motion controller device in nearly 2012.

The new SDK will enable developers of third-party applications to create commercial software for Microsoft Windows and incorporate the motion control features of the device within it. Microsoft has already been running a pilot scheme for a new SDK which already has 200 companies signed up including the likes of Toyota and Razorfish, and also released a non commercial SDK for their Kinect device which allows enthusiasts and students to take advantage of the motion controllers features.

Kinect SDK

The announcement by Microsoft comes as a welcome addition for developers who are now hoping to take advantage of the Xbox 360 Kinect device on Windows PCs. Microsoft explains that the new SDK will work with Windows 7 but as yet hasn’t divulged whether it will work with their up-and-coming Windows 8 operating system.

For more information on the new SDK to get started developing applications jump over to the Microsoft website for everything you need.

Source: CNET

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