Microsoft Reported To be Paying Developers $100,000 To Write Windows Phone Apps

Microsoft is currently offering developers $100 for any application that they publish in the Windows Phone Store by the end of this month, there is a cap of $2,000 on this offer for developers.

It would appear that Microsoft may be paying some developers much more than this to get the developers to create applications for the Windows Phone Store, with rumored payment of $100,000 to entice developers to build apps for the platform.

Windows Phone

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Microsoft is offering some developers large sums to get their apps on the Windows Phone Store, this has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

The Windows Phone Store has around 145,000 individual applications available for download at the moment, Microsoft is still quite a way behind the likes of Apple and Google in terms of the volume of applications available.

Source Business Insider

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