Microsoft Demos Skype For Windows 8 (Video)

Microsoft purchased Skype in October of last year, and with Microsoft about to launch Windows 8, a new video has been released which shows Skype for Windows 8 in action.

Skype for Windows 8 has been designed to work on both Windows 8 PCs and also the new Windows 8 tablets, have a look at the video of Skype for Windows 8 in action below.

Skype Windows 8

The team at Skype has been building on the Windows platform since the first release of Skype. With Skype for Windows 8 we’ve focused on how people are using Skype today, and re-imagined Skype for everyday communications across our global community.

You can find out more details about Skype for Windows 8 over at the Skype Blog.

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