Microsoft Adds 75,000 Apps To Windows Phone Store In 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store is still quite a way behind Apple’s iOS Store and Google’s Android App store in terms of the amount of applications available to download.

Microsoft has announced that they added a total of 75,000 new applications to the Windows Phone Store in 2012, which has doubled the amount of applications available to 150,000.


Confidence is built by testing and certifying every app and game to help protect customers from malware and viruses.  Over the last year we’ve certified and published over 75,000 new apps and games (more than doubling the catalog size) and over 300,000 app updates. In addition, this year we added the capability for customers to tell us if they have a concern about an app.

The launch of Windows Phone 8 has obviously helped Microsoft with increasing the amount of apps available in the Windows Phone Store, and it will be interesting to see how many applications are available by the end of 2013.

Source Microsoft

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