Macintosh Classic iPad Mod

It seems that mods using the iPad and old Mac computers are popular at the moment, yesterday we saw the iPad iBook mod, today we have a Macintosh Classic iPad Mod.

The modder used an empty shell of a Macintosh Classic, and the iPad is a perfect fit, although the iPad’s home button is covered, check out the video of it in action below.

macintosh Classic ipad Mod

I am sure we will see quite a few iPad mods over the coming months using old Mac computers, and who knows maybe even some PCs.

Site Hirac via Dvice

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  • Rapenzie

    It would be better with the Wireless Keyboard. More desktop looking!

  • Josh

    Hate to rain on your parade but without access to the home button, you’ll come unstuck very quickly. ┬áIt’s a nice idea though.

  • Mkhenrysean

    Not to rain on yours… But you don’t need a home button, you can “pinch” the screen with five fingers to close any application.