Lytro Camera iOS Companion App Launches And Firmware Enables Wifi Chip

Owners of a Lytro camera might be pleased to learn that today that its creators have now enabled the Wi-Fi chip which is embedded inside your Lytro camera and has been lying dormant since you purchased it.

Now that the Wi-Fi chip within the Lytro camera is activated via a firmware update, you can upload your images directly to the website either over a Wi-Fi connection or via cellular without the need for USB connection.

Lytro camera

As well as enabling the Wi-Fi chip on the Lytro camera its developers have also rolled out a new iOS companion application which enables you to refocus a picture and change at centre of perspective directly from your mobile device.

The iOS application also allows you to enable geo-tagging and the ability to add captions to photos as well as share them by Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. As well as the new features the new iOS application also includes a help section for Lytro camera owners which lets them learn more about the new Lytro camera and its features.

Source: Engadget

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