Logitech Finally Aiming To Support Mac OS X Gamers

It has been revealed this week by a beta tester listing on OnlineBeta that Logitech is looking to start supporting their devices for gamers that enjoy playing on Mac OS X.

Logitech is currently developing new gaming software for mac OS X, for which it needs the help of Mac gamers to test and develop further.


Logitech Mac Software

The beta tester listing explains to beta test the Logitech gaming software for Mac you need to : “regularly use one of the following Logitech gaming products: G300, G400, G600 gaming mice and/or G103, G105, G110, G510, G11, G13, G15, G19, G710 gaming keyboards. Also, this test is for Mac users only who spend lots of time playing games each week”.


If you are a Mac OS X gamer and play games for more than 15 per week on your Mac and have Logitech devices you might be able to help Logitech develop their products specifically for Mac gamers in the future

Source: Tech Crunch : Onlinebeta

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