LG Optimus 3D Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Now Available

LG announced recently that the Optimus 3D would be getting updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and the update would also bring a range of new features to the device, and it looks like the update has now started rolling out.

According to LG the update is supposed to bring some new 3D specific features which include 3D video editing and 3D to 2D video conversion at higher bit rates to the Optimus 3D.

LG Optimus 3D

According to some reports, users have not seen the updates that LG had promised with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

Source GSM Arena


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  • Saabir2007

    it is NOT yet avaliable.

    I have an LG optimus 3D and when I click to update, it says “Software update is NOT supported for this model”.


  • Djayn_zdh

    Bullshit My phone has been misbehaving for couple of week and been waiting for this version of 2.3 with 2.2.2 restarting every 2 – 5 min or so!
    Getting on my nerves they have been lying to us!
    God damn it I ain’t gonna use LG in the future!

  • Sadaqat2k

    I am also having the sme problem, any one can help?

  • Katie-moore

    I have tried updating my phone (lg optimus 3d) and it says “current version is the latest version” but it is only 2.2.2 :( I’m only 15 so won’t understand anything too technical but could someone please help ? Thanks !

  • Ghost789

    LG told me the update is only available for simfree phone without a carrier network .If your phone is locked to a network then you will have to wait for the network to test the update befor they make any final descion . Other option is to have your phone unlocked !!

  • Ghost789

    Eveyone seems to blame LG but in truth its not there fault, the fault for the update really relies on weather or not if the phone you have is locked to a network or unlocked and sim free !! I have the LG 3D P920 Optimus and its locked to Three network ,LG told me that the 2.3 ginger bread update is only available to open phones IE sim free !!! So untill Three approve the update then im kinda stuck but Three told me i can use LGs Software update …the software will only work on a PC using Win XP or Vista ONLY !!  

  • Ghost789

    Hey Katie moore i updated my LG 3D to 2.3 gingerbread last night and it work a treat .
    1st thing first do you have a pc running win XP or Vista ? If so then you can go to LG and download the software that updates your LG 3D too …..Once you install the LG update software on your PC being Win XP or Vista ? You should connect your LG 3D with the provided USB cable ?  The software will once run scan your phone and update it . The LG program took about 16 mins to update and complete mine .
    Hope this helps .

  • Anonymous

    LG OPTIMUS 3D 2.3 Update is still not available all over the world, it will be available in January 2012

  • http://www.consumeracumen.com/ htbwmedia

    Djan…. i dont know about your phone but i have an iphone as well as 2 optmus 3d’s and the only thing negative i can say about the lg is the plastic case. The iphone seems sturdier especially with the otterbox. But the lg is by far the superior phone. As for the freezing, with it being such a new phone why not bring it back under warranty? Maybe your memory is running low.
    as for the iphone…. now that i hate

  • swapnil
  • Aulic

    My optimus 3d is factory unlocked and I keep getting new software update is available. I have run that update for twice and still the version is 2.2.2
    Then I started getting “your phone has the latest software update”!
    Running the software updater again both messages keep switching.

    I believe LG needs some professional programmers and some real offices instead of having some ignorants who seem to be developing LG softwares at some muddy street corner!  

  • ang94

    Had this problem as well. What i did was to unplug my phone from USB and reconnect and try again. It worked on the 2nd attempt for me