Kogeto Dot iPhone 4 360 Degree Panoramic Camera (video)

A new 360 degree camera called the Dot is currently on Kickstarter at the moment, looking to make the jump from concept to production. The new Dot iPhone 4 panoramic camera has been developed by Kogeto who currently create the Lucy camera for use in classrooms and used for teacher appraisals.

The new iPhone 4 Kogeto Dot camera uses the same technology but simply clips on to your mobile Apple device. Allowing you to then snap a complete 360 degree photograph of your environment. Once captured the photo looks a little like a donut but put the same image through the Dot’s iPhone application and all is revealed. Watch the video after the jump to see this great innovative camera in action.

Kogeto Dot iPhone 4 Panoramic Camera

Do forget is you think this is a worthy of a pledge, jump over to the Kickstarter website to make yours and help bring the Kogeto Dot camera become reality.

Kogeto Dot iPhone 4

Source : Kickstarter

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