Kingston Wireless 128GB Wi-Drive Launches For iOS And Android (video)

Kingston has unveiled a new addition to their range of external hard drives this week with the launch of their new wireless drive called the Wi-Drive, which has been designed to provide iOS and Android mobile uses with a convenient way to access more storage wirelessly.

The Kingston Wi-Drive offers either 32GB, 64GB or 128GB  of extra storage in a small form factor device measuring just 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm. Watch the video after the jump to see the Wi-Drive in more detail.

Kingston 128GB Wi-Drive

Kingston has made their Wi-Drive accessible via any Internet browser or via one of the free Wi-Drive Apps designed speciality to provide access and easily share the content on your Wi-Drive with your devices, and shared shared by up to three people Kingston explains:

“Access Wi-Drive through any Internet browser or download one of the free Wi-Drive Apps to access and easily share the content on your Wi-Drive.”

Amazon is now selling the Wi-Drive for around $176 for the 128GB version and $110 for the smaller 64GB version.

Source: Kingston

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