iTwinge iPhone Keyboard

Some iPhone users would like a physical keyboard for the iPhone, one company has decided to release an iPhone accessory that adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone, the iTwinge.

The iTwing features a standard Qwerty Keypad, and you iPhone slips inside aq case, and the keyboard then covers half of the iPhone screen, this is normally where the iPhone keyboard appears in email, messaging and notes.

itwinge iPhone keyboard

itwinge iPhone keyboard

The iTwinge will work with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, if you want one they are available for $29.99 from Mobile Mechatronics.

Whilst is seems like a novel idea, am am not sure how good it would be to use in practice, if anyone gets one lets us know if it is any good.

via Techchee , Slippery Brick, Chip Chick

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