iPhone Viewfinder And Daylight App Unveiled By Photojojo

If you miss putting your eye up to your smartphone camera, as you would do on traditional cameras, or simply would like to view what you are taking in bright sunlight a little more easily.

You might be interested in a new iPhone gadget which has been created by Photojojo that allows you to use a eye cup view finder with your iPhone smartphone.

iPhone Viewfinder

The new iPhone Viewfinder is now available to purchase for $30 from the Photojojo website, and comes with its its own free companion application the Daylight Viewfinder.

“Some of us have never used the screens on our DSLRs to frame a shot. We like using the old-school viewfinder; it just feels better somehow. We’re the few, the proud: the Viewfinder Club. Now you can see what you’re shooting in brightest day. Block out the rest of the world and frame your shot in visual tranquility! “

iPhone Viewfinder

Source: Photojojo

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