iPad Mini Selling More Than iPad According To Report

It would appear that Apple’s iPad Mini has become very popular, and according to a recent report, sales of the iPad Mini are already overtaking sales of the iPad, the news comes from NPD DisplaySearch.

According to the report shipments of 9.7 inch panels for the iPad fell from 7.4 million in December to 1.3 million in January, and shipments of the 7.9 inch display for the iPad Mini rose to 5 million, overall smaller tablets seem to be the most popular with total shipments for all 7 inch devices rising to 14 million.

iPad Mini

As we noted in December, Apple had planned to sell 40M iPad minis (7.9”) and 60M iPads (9.7”) in 2013. However, the reality seems to be the reverse, as the iPad mini has been more popular than the iPad. We now understand that Apple may be planning to sell 55M iPad minis (7.9”) and 33M iPads (9.7”) in 2013.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Apple releases a Retina Display version of the iPad Mini, we suspect it could end up being Apple’s most popular tablet in the future.

Source MacRumors, NPD

Apple has now launched their new iPad Mini, have a look at the difference between iPad and iPad Mini.

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