iPad App Subscriptions Revealed By The Guardian?

We have been hearing recently that Apple are about to unveil a new subscription service for applications on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, with News Corp rumored to be launching a new subscription publication called The Daily.

Now its seems that a Major new UK newspaper, The Guardian may have inadvertently confirmed that the new subscriptions exist, as they recently announced that they will be removing their current application from the App Store.

Apple iPad

The Guardian said that will replace their current app with a subscription based application that will cost users £2.99 for six months or £3.99 for 12 months.

via Apple Insider

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  • Mistyparrot

    I think that’s a fair price. I would pay that for the Indy or the Telegraph.
    However any news app from Murdoch’s News Crap is too expensive at any price, even free.

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  • http://urbanairship.com Jessica Davis

    The Guardian app, released yesterday, does indeed offer subscriptions. The subscriptions are powered by Urban Airship’s in-app purchase platform, not directly through Apple as is rumored to be the case with the News Corp. “Daily.” Subscriptions for the Guardian app (as well as Newsweek and the Daily Mail) are billed through the user’s iTunes account. So there is an option for apps (not just traditional publishing apps) to take advantage of in-app purchase for recurring content delivery.

    disclosure: I work for Urban Airship.