IK Multimedia iLoud And iLoud Mini Studio Monitor Quality Speakers Announced

IK Multimedia has this week announced two new additions to its range of speakers in the form of the IK Multimedia iLoud And iLoud Mini Speakers.

Which have both been created to provide musicians with sonic accuracy that’s on par with professional studio monitors, enabling them to record, and mix from mobile devices on the move, but with the clarity of studio monitors.


Even though the iLoud speaker are compact in size both iLoud speakers have been built to be loud and pump out 2 to 3 times louder than speakers of a similar size. With the iLoud model blasting out 40W RMS of power, and the iLoud Mini, an impressive 12W RMS.

“Both iLoud models provide highly accurate reproduction of a wide range of musical styles from rock, hip-hop and electronic dance music, to more nuanced and sonically demanding genres like classical and acoustic. The speakers are equipped with onboard DSP, for maintaining accuracy and efficiency at all volume levels, and high-quality, custom-designed neodymium loudspeakers. iLoud is equipped with a bi-amped 4-driver array, and iLoud MINI with a pair of full-range speakers. The enclosures feature bass-reflex and passive radiators construction, which helps create their superior bass response, with tilted profile for perfect listening position.”

The new IK Multimedia iLoud speaker will be priced at $300 and the iLoud Mini at $200 and will start shipping in the second quarter of 2013.


Source: IK Multimedia

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