iHome iPad 2 Case Includes Integrated Stereo Speakers

If you are looking for a case with a little more power on the audio side of things the new iHome iDM71 iPad speaker case with integrated rechargeable speakers might well be worth a look.

The new iHome iDM71 case is equipped with two flat NXT speakers creating a stereo sound and can be folded and positioned into six different orientations, depending on your viewing preferences at the time.

iHome iPad 2 Case

The iHome iDM71 case will work withe either Apple first or second generation iPads and is finished in a faux leather material. iHome’s iDM71 iPad/iPad 2 Case with built-in rechargeable stereo speakers is now available for $100.

Apple has now released its third generation iPad, have a look at our iPad 3 vs iPad 2 guide for more information on the differences between the two tablets.

Source : Chip Chick

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