HP Introduces 64GB TouchPad

HP has today introduced a new 64GB version of its TouchPad tablet via its French website. The image below has been added to the front page of the HP France website and introduces the arrival of the 64GB TouchPad, which is now available to purchase from the site for €599.

It also indicates that the new TouchPad with increased storage will also be available in “White lacquered finish”, i.e. a white case with a black glass front. Together with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.5 GHz dual-core APQ8060.

TouchPad 64

This week, we have started introducing Pre3 in EMEA, and will also be debuting our 64GB TouchPad in the region. With more memory, a faster processor and available in gloss white, HP is excited to add this product to our TouchPad line and will announce regions and pricing closer to availability.”

The new HP 64GB TouchPad has finally arrived but only currently in Europe, as more information is released about a US launch we will keep you updated.

Source: PreCentral : HP (details) : HP (front)

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