Google To Spend $1 Billion On Satellites For Internet Access


Last month we heard that Google had acquired solar drone company Titan Aerospace, Google plans to use the solar drones to provide Internet access in remote areas, and now according to a recent report, Google also plans to use satellites for Internet access.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will spend more than $1 billion on satellites to provide Internet access to areas of the world that currently have little or no Internet access.

Google’s satellite plans will apparently start with a fleet of 180 satellites, these will apparently be small high capacity satellites that will orbit the earth at a lower altitude than current satellites.

The Google satellite program will apparently be lead by Greg Wyler, who is the founder of satellite communications company O3b Networks, he recently joined Google and Google has apparently also been hiring a number of engineers from other satellite companies.

Google’s initial plan for the program is to spend around $1 billion, although this could rise in the future to as much as $3 billion if the program is expanded further.

Facebook is another company who had also been rumored to be looking into providing Internet access in remote areas, and they had also been rumored to be in talks previously with the solar drone maker that Google purchased.

Source WSJ, Techmeme

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