Google Earth Updated With 100,000+ New Tours Of Popular Worldwide Attractions, Places And Cities

Google has this week rolled out a new update to their Google Earth application for iOS, Android and desktops, adding a massive 100,000 new tours for users to explore and enjoy.

The new Google Earth update adds the new tours for popular sites, cities and places across 200 countries, as well as providing additional enhancements for existing tours.


The Tour Guide feature within Google Earth has been created by Google to showcase interesting places around the world. To use them simply open, click “Tour Guide” in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. Watch the video below to see them in action.

“The new, richer tours combine 3D flyovers, Wikipedia snippets and – for the first time – place highlight and more than 1 million user-generated Panoramio photos in order to create an immersive and educational exploration of your favorite places. Each tour ends with a selection of photo thumbnails which were selected from Panoramio as the best representation of a given place. Clicking on one of the thumbnails enables a full screen photo experience. “

Where available, Googles Earth tours and points of interest include 3D models for the most realistic experience possible.

Source: Google

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