New Google Chrome Logo

Following on from the new logo design for Google Chromium, Google has now released a new logo design for its Chrome browser which follows in the same flattened style of the Chromium one.

The new Chrome logo is currently only available within the Developer channel and was released in the Chrome 11.0.696.12 version released yesterday. As with the Chromium logo the new Chrome logo is expected to roll out across other stable versions in the future.


New Chrome Logo

Comparing the new with the old logos pictured below, you can see how the new designs have lost their 3D appearance and are now a more stylised, cleaner, flattened version of the original. The images above and below, show the Google Chromium logo on the left and the Chrome logo on the right.

What do you think? Is it an improvement or did you prefer the 3D look?

Old Chrome Logos

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  • Anonymous

    New logo looks old. Back to the scoreboard!

  • Anush

    technically new logo is modern and more usable. As logo is not only for computer screen its used everywhere as branding on all media. i personally like this logo

  • Ramsay MacFarlane

    So much neater, clearer – same message – but just as recognisable! brilliant.

  • Carlos Espitia

    This is a very good logo, tech logos are used in very small sizes, for mobile apps, small screens etc, so this is a good way to take advantage of an identity, anyway, this is not a 3d or a pixar logo contest

  • SîmõnTang ÑîñêÊlêvênSûçks

    I feel like the Chromium logo looks fantastic, but the Google Chrome one is just a little odd. Seems to me like it isn’t the best solution, but the two projects should keep a similar look, and thus there’s not much of a happy medium. :'(

  • Daniel

    like it much better!

  • Raymondhacks

    New one is okay, But old one looks more sophisticated.

  • Alexis

    Fail, 3D looks better imho !

  • villesdesign

    New one is better logo in many ways. For printing etc. (i’m print designer) but hey this is app logo!

    Old one looks good on Dock or desktop. New one might be better for handheld devices. New one is little bit boring on the screen. Old one is more techy.

  • Rafa? Lopski Lopez

    new logos are much better! clean and fresh

  • Sepúlveda Altamirano Francisco

    I hate the fanaticism of the designers to simplify all, 3D logo looks great!

  • guest

    fail. It’s much better the “3D Logo”

  • IMiss

    I dislike the plain and simple. But it looks great in that 3D look.

  • rubenmedios

    I like the new logo, is more simple and beautiful

  • Athina_lalljee

    definitely prefer the 3D

  • 3RuN fOr LiFe.

    Love it. Much nicer, more minimalist and more Google-like. The current one is ugly with its shiny bevelling.

  • Anonymous

    A friend sent me a link to this article. At first glance I thought it was a CSS3 tutorial for creating the 3D Chrome logo and the flat logos were the starting point. But still, I’ve never liked the 3D Chrome logo – always seemed to complex to recreate. Plus it has no place on my colour coded dock!

  • An anonymous coward

    I have always found that 3D everywhere is (most of time) unnecessary and (most of time) a pain for the eyes. For me, much simpler=(generally) much better, as long as nothing is lost during the process. Are you children or what? Some bevel does *not* improve anything in a logo. So… Of course, I vote for the new logo, and I argue that: 1. Some new idea can be good as long as it is lasting. How are we to achieve this, except by paying hommage to to the Past; 2. When 3D was new, there was 3D everywhere. Signs of times, maybe we can now think twice before 3Ding everything. 3. Of course, this post could be a troll, but… Think twice… PS. Sorry about my (bad) English.

  • samtb

    The new one is so simple and sophisticated, not to mention practical. I didn’t really dislike the old one but now, in comparison, it just looks tacky.

  • Michael

    In choosing between the top (flat/matte finish) and the lower (glossy/3-D finish). I will choose the lower (glossy/3-D finish). Much more appealing to the eye.

  • Why change?

    Indeed, with the mania of graphic modernisms, they will ruin the Chrome logo.There are people who, just to justify a high salary, begins to invent and spoils which took several years to earn a Mark of Prestige…It would be like changing the logo from Picasa or Google: we look and there is no need of subtitles.A BRAND takes many years (with luck and in rare cases, a short time) to consolidate. And even today you sell products/articles because of the symbol/mark/badge/logo, rather than by quality. Just let us remind, brand clothing, shoes, watches, wallets, perfumes…Nobre Luso in “Revolução Digital”

  • Mark_neale_2003

    The 3D logo looked too busy, I think the new logo helps reflect the way forward for Google especially with potential cloud based apps.

  • Abhilash Kumar

    The old ones are very wannabe. The new ones are very stylish and modern. Maybe they will now look at flattening the main google logo itself?

  • Matthias Bolliger

    I prefer the old one, but not because of 3D vs. flat, but because of perceived direction of rotation.

    I perceive the old logo as techy, yet friendly, arrows TURNNG CLOCKWISE (in the direction of the arrows), while the new one looks like something softish (textile?) quickly TURNING ANTI-CLOCKWISE. Or, in another interpretation, still turning clockwise, but in that case with very aggressive, sharp edges that are almost painful to watch (like a vertical grinder).

  • Soninupur

    the old onr was much better than the new one. google is known for its innovative ideas.. it should not stick to simple things..

  • anton

    I love it!

  • Deep Thought

    I like the old one. The new one looks like it’s pointing downward, which isn’t good.

    Plus the old one looked like a Pokéball XD

  • Spiral_technologies

    The new one looks like it says 666… anyone else catch that?

  • Corporate Logo Design

    I preferred the old 3D versions, but I suppose the flat ones fit more in with Google’s other app logos.

  • Corporate Logo Design

    I preferred the old 3D versions, but I suppose the flat ones fit more in with Google’s other app logos.

  • Jan Dominik Oliver Kohlstruck

    I prefer the new Logos as well. 3D is so unnecessary! Why do we need 3D? I mean, okay, if it’s for a 3D animated Movie … But it’s a simple Browser (and the browser, in my position, is the best one comparing to others) and it doesn’t need those effects to know “This is Chrome”. I think the necessary properties of this Logo are the 3 parts outside and the ball inside. Those are the properties which I can identify as the Chrome Browser. There’s no need for some effects to know, that’s the Chrome Browser.

  • d4rk_l1gh7

    It says 966 >.>, but meh, it could also say that. 666 isn’t much more than a number…

  • Anonymous

    The new one looks like complete shit, not gonna lie.

  • Clark Sirl

    Exactly. Anyone with half a brain knows that 616 is the number of the beast.

    And I like the new logo. It’s very 21st century – reminds me of the CERN sign.

  • Synth junkie

    I prefer the new one to the 3D look. Although both look modern and sophisticated, like others have mentioned, it fits in better with other google related app icons and logos. Looks great on my Macbook dock too haha 😀

  • Hyrocker

    the 2d logo is better because of the simplicity

  • Marcel

    never liked the 3D logo, I’m still waiting for Google Chrome on Mac to update, actually, has any logo been updated yet??

  • Josh Carroll

    I have a personal preferance for the old one, partly because it now doesn’t fit in even remotely with any of the other icons in my dock, it stands out like a ore thumb: and not in a good way. I agree with simplification, but to me, this is too far.

  • arrasails

    i thought my computer just stopped loading or something. this thing looks like it belongs in an old dos computer…

  • arrasails

    why do we need 3d you ask? why not? and why do we need change at all? just keep things the way they always have been

  • Anonymous

    I like the 3D version more….Gotta catch em’ all Pokemon !!!

  • Chris

    This is definitely a fail. I’m not sure what google was thinking with this one. The icon sticks out like a sore thumb on my mac’s application bar. I think the new logo might look cool on a poster or a business card, but as an icon it doesn’t work.

  • Ivan Antochiw

    looks like the Death Star is approaching Google

  • I Should Be Doing Homework

    I liked the older one better… they sorta wasted a lot of time by downgrading the look of google chrome, after achieving that cool, shiny, new look of the old google chrome look. simply terrible looking.

  • I Should Be Doing Homework

    ahh!!! LMAO they have become devil worshipers!!!!

  • Ritoban5

    the 3D one looked much better … specially on my shiny mac screen !! please change it back

  • Snbrd34

    new logo sucks

  • Faceless

    Old 3D logo looks way better! The new one is kind of overly elementary…

  • tg20

    Agreed.. Some of the other uses of the logo that I have seen make it look good, but on my dock / desktop, it just looks like something someone made in Adobe Fireworks.

  • Michael Reynolds

    3D was great. this new logo looks like a child’s drawing of the world’s best browser. whose kid drew it. guess what? it’s crap.

  • Sebastian Johansen

    Change back to 3D please, I hate the new logo it sucks.

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  • The Ghost Of Bruce Forsyth

    Basically none of you know anything about design. Philistines.

  • The Ghost Of Bruce Forsyth

    Philistines. The old logo was hideously tacky.

  • The Ghost Of Bruce Forsyth

    Look at your rubbish display picture, totally invalidates your design opinion. Tool.

  • Oswald-Ong Thomas

    I love old 3D looks very much.

  • Guest

    Much better, thank you.

  • Super Guest

    It looks terrible the new one, i hate what they have done with the new logo. Just looks too boring and plain.

  • Kevin D. Clarke


  • D;

    it sucks!!!

  • Zed

    I think it’s a shame, I think it’s already the end for google, like microsoft did with vista. I’m waiting now for the next step, after google age…

  • concernedgoogler

    Bring back the 3D version! I hate the new one…looks like a third grader concept. I like shiny and advanced. Remember when AOL went from flat and blank to 3D and shiny?? Why go backwards google??

  • Admin

    Noe logo is better

  • guest

    It definetely lost something in the process. The 3D one had a few details which could be spared without any losses to the overall design, but the new one took it way too much backwards. I go for something in between both.

  • krishi

    the old one is better……….this logo looks as if the network is insecure….:)

  • Tasha

    It looks like they’ve taken a step backwards.

  • Doug

    I like the old one better. When I saw this my first thought was that it was some kind of error notice.

  • Pivetor

    The old one. The new one is just ugly to me… Honestly almost made me not download google chrome >.>

  • Joshycage

    If you have ever tried to create a simple logo, you know that its way more difficult to create than something shiny and complex. Its easy to through a bikini on something and call it beautiful.

  • Panesprite

    no brainer – old. For God’s sake, if something works, leave it the hell alone.

  • Alfie Mensah

    Put simply, I like the new one but it should be glossy.

  • Windowelf

    Tweak, definition: An irrational need to improve on something’s status/performance which results from an insufficiency of time demands, on the part of the tweaker, generally engaged in by persons suffering from varying severities of obsessive-compulsive disorders.

    An additional observation on this issue – the wiring of the human brain in general, and the occular neurology specifically, is designed to function in 3D. 2D IS an artifice.

  • chromium

    I prefer the new for the Chromium & old for Chrome

  • Ralph

    Like the 3D version much more.

  • Rama Maganti

    The new logo is a step backward. I just can’t believe what message Google were trying to send with this new logo. They should have atleast made it look glossy. It now looks like a bad photoshop job.

  • Matthew Hardwick

    The 3D ones are much better. Change them back!

  • goluigi2196

    the new one is really boring. the old one has more creativity and flavor to it.

  • Ralph45

    This new logo is soooooooooo ugly. The old one was so much better. Please change it back :)

  • Lamisa Nyc Atl

    I prefer the older one. It’s aesthetically pleasing and catches my eye quickly on the desktop.

  • Random

    I dislike this new one. It looks so simple that it seems like 5 year olds created it.

  • Brad

    old one is so much better. the new one looks like we just went back in time.

  • Phillips

    It looks disgusting on my bottom dock and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Its not the simplicity of it, its the white ring around the blue circle that makes it look so bad

  • Karen

    well.. looks like i’m the only one who thinks this way, but i like the new icon better. ^^

  • Caleb

    Looks like a 666 symbol to me. Conspiracy anyone?

  • TickyTacky

    I hate the new logo! It seems just childish to me, I don’t like looking down at my taskbar and seeing that ugly logo. Is there some way to switch back to the old one?

  • Yianni Galiatsatos

    Have I really gone a month without realizing the change?

  • Tom

    Just got it and my first action – typing in the browser ‘google chrome logo’ – to find out why as I didn’t like itttttt. NOT good. Simplification = YES, but in 3D = Better. T

  • Urbangiftshoptm

    Um that bottom one is the best but keep the colors!!

  • Rachel

    Old one MUCH BETTER

  • D33Z33

    I don’t mind the simplicity of the new logo, but it looks like a cake. If I wanted to use a browser with a cake as a logo I’d want Google Cake, not Google Chrome. The color looks like frosting.

  • Devinpendergast

    3D is by far better! WTF google :/

  • Simple

    new logo represents much more what’s the mindset of google. Clean and simple. Comparing with the other google app logos, there’s no big difference. From google docs to google calendar, to google maps, these all fix perfectly with the new logo.

  • Lauren Harris

    Whats the blue one?

  • Patch

    It can also say 69 (green, yellow and blue for 6, red yellow blue for 9)

  • ScootsyDD

    the new one is terrible haha usually they switch from 2d to 3d. look at super mario bros it went 2d shit graphics to 3d amazing graphics, the same rules apply here google people!

  • Eproudfoot

    i hate it!!!

  • Coiso

    in a month time, you’ll look at the old one and think it was too much.

  • IttyBetty

    New logo looks like the radioactive warning symbol – are they trying to tell us something??

  • NZR

    Change them back!

  • Josh

    As a designer, i threw up in my mouth a little bit when i went to launch chrome and this ugly heinous icon popped up in my dock without warning…

    i’m manually switching the logo back to the old one:
    1. did a google image search for chrome logo, found a high resolution png with transparent background.
    2. opened in preview and did a cmd-a cmd-c to copy to clipboard.
    3. right clicked on Google and chose Get Info
    4. clicked on the little icon in the top left and did a cmd-v to paste.

    Now I can use chrome again without bleeding from the eye sockets.

  • Naowed

    Everything’s going 3D, but google seems to be backtracking. What’s that for?!

  • Kat

    I like the old one better, It looks stupid when its that small on my taskbar. When its larger it looks ok though, but I don’t know when anyone who has the icons on their computer large enough for it to look decent.

  • Jigar Patel

    sorry if i sound rude…but this new one SUCKS!!
    i prefer the old one…its has a stronger and bold look!
    the new one looks like a pirated software icon!!!

  • Nati Zielonka36


  • Dpgood

    Yuck! 3D is much, much better!

  • JB

    The 3D ones look better, change back!

  • geoff

    The old logo’s look much better, the new ones are to plain

  • Kapostinsh

    old one is much much much better

  • Jazzy Josh

    Chromium. The open-source version of Chrome

  • Guest

    honestly, it looks stupid compared to the old one.

  • Shiara

    3D one was way better. This new “flattened” logo does not look right in my dock with all the other well designed logos. I hate it!

  • StandardOvidake

    3d version much better. !!!!!!!

  • Emmie

    i really wish they didn’t change it :( it looks ugly now

  • TheAlp

    i like the new one, its simple and minimalistic, it works.

  • Scorpio Black

    3D Icon is way better appealing …. The New Logo (Pardon My Language ) ….Sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • Im_forgiven123

    I think i am gonna kill myself with such an ugly toolbar logo.. i dont want to feel like im in 1990!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Brilman

    Old one was better, please go back or i will remove google chrome !

  • Grace Lek

    obviously the old logo! its so much better!

  • dib143


  • epic failure

    i prefer the 3D one.. the new one looks like a (sorry for my words) total failure, every time I see the new logo I always think to myself, “Why do they even have to replace the old one with this?!” D:

  • Potadotomado

    The 3d one is way better.

  • Ivo Dimitrov

    pls switch to the old one!

  • Evan

    I want the 3D view back. THIS ONE SUCKS.

  • Disgusted

    wow this new logo sucks. i suddenly noticed some flat little boring icon, wondering whether it’s just me or whether it looks relatively boring and different. and it’s not just me! it is boring and different. seriously, shouldn’t a new logo be an improvement?!

  • Beanerweasley

    so true.  i didn’t like the new one at first, but now the old one looks bulky and rather stupid compared to the new sleek design. 

  • Foxy_babe18


  • Foxy_babe18


  • Foxy_babe18


  • guest

    Totally agree. That’s what happened to me, I knew right away something was wrong. I don’t like it at all.

  • Fogreddy

    the older one is much better the new one looks like 90’s software icon

  • Marrilissa

    The new 2D one was much better, I don’t like the appearance of the other one, I don’t Know why.

  • Adas

    new one is better

  • Dr. Octagonapus

    the 3d look is defiantly better

  • JB

    If anything, the old logo looks like a bad Photoshop job. There was too much shine and 3D and ‘effects’ and not enough design. The new one exhibits classic design principles that continue to be relevant because they are naturally beautiful. 3D glossy logos are a trend, the classics are where it’s at. People just get Photoshop and call themselves a ‘designer’. It’s laughable. Read a book.

  • Rama Maganti

    “The new one exhibits classic design principles “…… Can you explain?

  • Rama Maganti

    “The new one exhibits classic design principles……” Can you explain what is classic about the new one? Furthermore, I don’t claim to be “designer”, but I can distinguish between a good and a bad design. 

  • faakhirah vessells


  • faakhirah vessells


  • TheDevil

    The CERN sign also says 666.

  • TheDevil

    Fools! The old logo was also 666, but it was less obvious… :)))
    That’s why they changed it, because the old one wasn’t very explicit.