Google Checkout To Close In November

Google has announced that they will be closing their Google Checkout payment system in November, Google has said that merchants who use Google Checkout will be able to move over to Google Wallet.


Today, we’re letting web merchants know that in six months, Google Checkout will be retired as we transition to Google Wallet — a platform that enables merchants to meet the demands of a multi-screen world where consumers shop in-stores, at their desks and on their mobile devices.

Just last week, we announced two enhancements to the Google Wallet platform that are simple to integrate. The Instant Buy API enables merchants to offer a fast buying experience to Google Wallet shoppers buying physical goods and services on their Android apps and websites, while processing their own payments. In addition, the new Wallet Objects API enables merchants to engage their customers with loyalty, offers, and more.

Merchants who don’t have their own payment processing system will need to find a different solution within six months, and Google has a couple of alternative options that will be available at discounted rates for existing merchants.

Source Google

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