Google Android 3.0 ‘Gingerbread’ Coming Q4 2010?

Most of us are waiting for Google [GOOG] to launch Android 2.2 (Froyo) which is expected to be announced this week, now it seems like there may be a major Android release coming this year.

Euro Droid are reporting that Google are going to release Android 3.o codenamed Gingerbread in quarter four of 2010, and it seems the details were published on the FAQ page for the WebM media project.

Google Android 3.0 'Gingerbread' Coming Q4 2010

“When will other Google products support WebM and VP8? “WebM support in Android is expected in the Gingerbread release (currently planned for Q4, 2010). We expect many other Google products to adopt WebM and VP8 as they prioritize it with their other product requirements. Keep an eye on the WebM blog for announcements” (more on our Enterprise blog).

As soon as we find out more details about Android 3.0 we will let you guys know. Have a look and our article on Android vs iPhone to see which smartphone and mobile platform is best for you.

Engadget via Gadget Venue

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  • Matt

    Wonder if it will support enterprise networking?