Genius Pen Mouse Gets a Redesign

If you’re in the market for a new mouse and you need something wireless and different from the norm, the Genius Pen Mouse has recently been redesigned. The mouse is shaped like a fountain pen and designed to be used with either hand. The mouse also has a clip allowing you to stick it in your pocket if you use it to give a lot of presentations.


The mouse has three different sensitivity settings between 400/800/1200 dpi. Pressing the mouse down slightly activates the left click, the mouse has right-click, and scroll buttons on the sides. The mouse has a total of three buttons.

The new mouse optical sensor will work on just about any surface. The mouse will work on a desktop, your palm, or even the leg of your pants. Power for the mouse comes from a single AAA battery and the mouse will automatically enter sleep mode when not in use. The mouse is available now for $49.99.

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