Fujitsu Demos Quad Core Tegra 3 Prototype Android Smartphone

Last week we heard a rumor that Fujitsu would be showing off a new quad core Tegra 3 smartphone at this years Mobile World Congress, and it looks like the device is in the prototype stages at the moment.

The guys from The Verge have managed to get their hands on this new Tegra 3 smartphone from Fujitsu, which looks like it will be headed to the US and Europe when it launches later in the year.

Fujitsu tegra 3

We dont as yet have full specifications on the device, what we do know is hat it features a 4.6 inch display, and the rumored specifications we heard last week also include Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 13.1 megapixel camera.

Of course these specifications are just rumored at the moment and they could possibly change by the time the device goes on sale, head on over to The Verge and check out their hands on video.

Image Credit The Verge

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