tDCS Gaming Headset Designed To Overclock Your Brain a company that makes headsets for gamers has created a new but potentially very dangerous new headset which they say allows you to ” Overclock your brain using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to increase the plasticity of your brain. Make your synapses fire faster. Faster Processor, Faster Graphics, Faster Brain!” tDCS

The new device that supposedly overclocks your brain will be available later this month for around $249, however the NeuroBollocks website explains the process in more details and explains that the device might possibly work but there are a number of safety considerations for this kind of device, explaining:

“tDCS is such a recent technique that researchers are still in the process of working out what the safe limits actually are (in terms of both power delivered, and duration/frequency of stimulation). This article highlights the possibility that the electrodes can cause skin lesions, and tDCS can even potentially cause lesions in the brain 

For more information on the new tDCS headset jump over to the website for details.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald : Hot Hardware

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