Dunhill Solar Charger

If you are looking for a slightly more stylish way to recharge your devices using the suns rays, it might be well worth your while checking out the new Dunhill solar charger which has been unveiled this week.

Dunhill’s solar charger is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum and includes a neat little solar panel which swivels out from underneath the aluminum cover when required.

Dunhill Solar Panel

Unfortunately Dunhill has neglected to released detailed specifications and has also not released any information regards worldwide availability or cost either. Just explaining:

“This technical device is engineered from lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminium and fits neatly into its Chassis leather carry case. It will provide up to 30 hours of charge time for a mobile phone or mp3 player, and the device itself can be recharged using the built in solar panel or via a computer USB”.

Source: tnerd

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