Dragon Go! iOS App Update Adds More Features

Nuance has rolled out a new update for its iPhone application Dragon Go! today. Which brings with it a number of new features including a few new things that even Apple’s own Siri can’t compete with.

Within the new update for Dragon Go! now comes with support for Expedia travel information. Enabling you to ask for travel information including flight times and details, Which Siri has problems trying to provide users with.

Dragon Go

Other new features rolled out in the new update include support for AccuWeather, Ask.com, Bing, Dictionary.com, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango, Last.fm, LiveNation, Milo.com, and OpenTable. Tofgther with other including Pandora Spotify, Twitter, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes,Wolfram|Alpha, Yelp, YouTube and Yahoo!

As well as support for the popular Hulu service which can now be used with Dragon Go! Give it a go for yourself as its free to download from the iTunes app store. Be aware though that it does require network connectivity WiFi or 3G/EDGE and also iOS 4 or later. Enjoy!

Source: iTunes : TUAW

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  • companyemails

    I’m confused.  Aren’t both Siri and Dragon Go essentially Nuance products that do pretty much the same thing?  I can see why Nuance releases a separate Dragon Go app, but on those versions of IOS that run Siri, why not just integrate Dragon Go functionality directly into Siri?

  • Sasha

     Siri has nothing to do with Nuance.

  • companyemails

    Look that up again. Siri’s speech recognition engine is provided by Nuance Communications. Basically when you ask Siri a question, that information gets directed to nuance Servers, which in turn interpret it and return the answer to you.