D-CAN Camera Concept Brings Unique Styling To Camera Design

One thing that hasn’t changed much over the years is the shape of our cameras, which have always pretty much taken the form of a rectangular box design. Now Jean-michel Bonnemoy is looking to change our view of the traditional rectangular camera box design, and has created a unique camera design concept camera which takes the form of a cylinder.

D-CAN Camera

Jean-michel Bonnemo’s new D-CAN concept design has been created to significantly reduces the cameras volume, yet still provide users with all the finite controls professional photographers are accustomed to.

Here are a few features that Bonnemo would include within his camera design if it ever made the jump from concept to production:

– Large range zoom stabilized USM lens.
– A ring authorizes the focus correction. The focal is lockable.
– Extension cursor for macrophotography
– The lens cap, impossible to lose, includes an electronic flash and the AF-assist illuminator
– The accessory shoe can receive, besides an electronic flash, a directional microphone or a remote control receiver.
– The cursor “function” allows to choose between fixed views or video, pictures reading, intervallometer and power off.
– Cursor “mode” (program, speed or aperture priority, manual)
Double key ISO (100 to 6400 ISO).

Source: Yanko

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  • Vincentvanur

    I think the cap, when raised, can be made to double up as a monitor.  This is not impossible and would be very useful.