Corning And Samsung Form New OLED Glass Partnership

Corning is well know for producing the majority of glass that is found in our smartphones, Samsung uses it in many of its devices, as do a range of other manufacturers.

Now Samsung and Corning are forming a joint venture where the two companies will manufacture special OLED glass substrates, which will be made up of Corning’s lotus Glass substrates and Samsung’s OLED displays.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Combining Corning’s Lotus™ Glass substrate technology and Samsung Mobile Display’s OLED display expertise, this new entity will be well-positioned to provide outstanding product solutions for current and future OLED technologies, from handheld and IT devices to large TVs and beyond.

The products produced by the two companies in this joint venture are expected to be used in future smartphones and tablets that feature OLED displays, as well as other consumer OLED devices like OLED TVs.

Source OLED Info, Corning


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