Cool Mods – The PS3 Laptop from Ben Heck being auctioned for charity

Here’s another marvelous mod from moder extraordinaire Ben Heck, this time its a Sony SP3 Laptop.

ps3 laptop mod

The PS3 Laptop features a 17 inch LCD HTV screen capable of producing HD content in 720p.

ps3 laptop mod

Ben used an original 60GB PS3 with backwards compatibility, and it also features a built in Keyboard, USB ports a headphone jack and stereo speakers.

ps3 laptop mod

This amazing mod weighs 16 pounds and measures 17 x 13.75 x 3 inches.

ps3 laptop mod

The PS3 Laptop took Ben over a year and a half, in between his other projects to make, and the cool thing about this mod is that Ben and Engadget have teamed up and it will be auctioned for Charity.

So make sure you head on over to both their sites to check out the full details.

Ben Heck and Engadget

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    oh my god!!!! is fantastic!!!!!!