Coke Fuelled Mobile Phone

Never be caught out again with this ingenious concept coke mobile phone that runs on Coca-Cola drinks. Yes thats right, the bio battery in the phone generates its electricity from the carbohydrates (the sugar) in the Coke and uses enzymes as the catalyst to generate its power.

Bio batteries have been around a for decades and can produce 3 or 4 times the amount of energy a traditional lithium mobile phone battery can. Seems strange why this isn’t already a commercial product. Especially as Coke is pretty much available anywhere in the world these days.

This eco friendly mobile phone was designed by Daizi Zheng

Via Treehugger

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  • KarenK, even looks a cool, but you would not want it to break in your pocket.

  • stringvest

    There’s a slimmer version that runs on diet coke….

  • Tanish

    Can you drink the coke if you feel thirsty ? 😛

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  • princess0764

    could u drink the coke inside, or would u get shocked?

  • KaYa

    If it is really working, why is that mobile off on those pictures? But if it is true, this can change human history! After this, they may even build cars that works with coke…

  • A guy with a brain

    “the bio battery in the phone generates its electricity from the carbohydrates (the sugar)”

    If the sugar is the fuel then why complicate things with a can of coke and not just go for sugar water? There is many other ingredients making coke an inefficient fuel since it is not designed for that purpose. Lets also not forget that coke is an expensive soft drink and that lithium batteries can be recharged. After the initial purchase of the phone battery how much does one full charge cost in electricity compared to a can of coke? Also although it may produce 3 to 4 times the energy (which i doubt) then how much energy can it dissipate per second?

  • Coreo

    Why would you EVER want a car running off Coke?!
    Do you know how expensive that would be??

    Regular gasoline is actually a very cheap liquid, if you think of all the work that has to be done to it. Extracted, transported, refined, transported again… and it usually costs less than $1/liter.

    Coke on the other hand, often sells for twice as much!

  • justjoeindenver

    Do you have to add Mentos to make long distance calls?