Coby Micro MP3 Player

Coby has just launched a new MP3 player, the Coby Micro MP3 Player, although this one looks more like a computer mouse than an MP3 player.

The Coby Micro MP3 Player features a unique design, and it looks like it doesn’t have any controls, so we are not sure exactly how you play your music on it.

Coby Micro MP3 Player

The Coby Micro MP3 Player comes with 2GB of storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB 2.0 connection, and suppoert for MP3 and WMA files.

It looks like it is only compatible with Windows computers, and come with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that will give you up to five h0urs of music playback.

There are no details as yet on when the Coby Micro MP3 Player will go on sale or how much it will cost.

Coby via Chip Chick

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