Charge Your Devices Without Blocking Outlets with thingCharger

Almost each one of us owns multiple gadgets and devices that requires charging at some point during the day. It could be a problem if you have a limited number of outlets available in your room or your dining, as you may need to use other electronics using those outlets. Worry no more as thingCharger is here to help.

thingCharger makes this process simple and plugs in over an existing outlet, leaving the outlet usable for other electronics or simply anything for that matter. It features tips on top, which can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, e-readers or simply any other device.


The device features interchangeable tips that caters different devices, and can be stored in the back. If you’re done charging your phone, you can simply remove the tip from the top and store it in the back of thingCharger. The outlet also comes with two USB slots at the bottom, in case a situation arises when you want to use your data cable to charge or for any other situation you can think of.


thingCharger will ship with Apple 30-pin, Micro-USB and Mini-USB tips with Apple Lightning as a $9 optional extra. The best thing I like about thingCharger is that you can charge two or three devices simultaneously. If you’re still wondering about the compatibility of you device, the folks at thingCharger created a massive list of support devices here.

For now, the device ships with North American outlet design, but thingCharger promises they will develop outlets for UK, Europe and other markets.

The project is currently seeking funds on Indiegoog and asked for a modest $25,000 goal amount, but it has racked up way more than its goal and currently stands at $408,826 with 23 days to go (at the time of writing). The folks at thingCharger are asking for $29 for one piece while there are other bundle offers available as well where you can get free outlets on purchase of two and more.

The device is expected to ship in Q1 2014, but you can check out Indiegogo page for more details.

Source: Indiegogo, Thingcharger

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