DIY iPad iPhone Connector Clip, Lets You Watch Videos Whilst Surfing The Web

Whenever I am surfing on my iPad I always enjoy watching a movie or TV at the same time. This is fine when I’m in my lounge but what if I’m out and about?

I always carry my iPhone so it was ideal to use this to watch movies but iPhone stands are not always convenient to use and sometimes may not be viewable when I’m using my iPad. Something else was need to solve this problem.

Hence the iPad iPhone Connector Clip, a DIY connector to hold your iPhone in place on top of your iPad while you surf allowing you to view media on your iPhone and surf on your iPad at the same time.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip

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Iron Man Arc Reactor iPhone 4 Decal

We have features some cool decals for the iPhone and MacBook before here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is another cool Iron Man version, although this one is slightly different than the last one we saw, the Iron Man Arc Reactor iPhone 4 Decal.

The Iron Man Arc Reactor iPhone 4 Decal is designed to fit on the back of your iPhone 4, a great way to give it an individual look.

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Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Released By Geohot

We haven’t heard anything from Geohot, since he announced the was retiring from iPhone jailbreaking in July, and one day before the Chronic Dev Team are about to release the Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak, Geohot has released a new Limera1n jailbreak for iOS 4.1.

Members of the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev team are less than happy with the tool being released, as it uses a different exploit than the one in Greenpois0n, and that means Apple will have the chance to patch both exploits before the next iOS release.

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iPhone 4 Glass Back Causing Apple Problems

According to a report by GDGT the glass back of the iPhone 4 is causing Apples a few headaches. If you had visited hte Apple store recently you would have noticed the apparent lack of iPhone 4 cases, with only Apple’s  own first-party Bumper for sale.

Although Apple has just this week reestablished a wide variety of cases for sale this was no means a tactic to increase profits.

iphone glass back

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New Pogo Stylus And Stand Clip For iPhone 4

Ten One Design have launched a new Pogo Stylus and clip stand designed specifically for the new iPhone 4. The clip when not clips onto your iPhone  4 and the stylus fits neatly on to its side when not in use.  You can now Sketch, type and navigate with greater precision.

Pogo Stylus iPhone 4

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Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Coming This Weekend

Ever since Apple released iOS 4.1, many iPhone 4 owners have been waiting for the release of a jailbreak, and it looks like the wait is almost over as the Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak will be released this weekend

One of the Chronic Dev Team members, p0sixninja  has announced on Twitter that the Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak will be released on Sunday the 10th of October.

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