XWave Allows You To Control Your iPhone With Your Mind

If your find the iPhones user interface a little old and cumbersome a new iPhone mind control device could add another dimension for you.

The new XWave headset simply plugs into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and once you have the hang of it, it will enable you to control your device via your mind. Check out the promotional video after the break.


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Pansonic’s Augmented Reality iPhone App (Video)

Panasonic has greated a new application for the iPhone, in an attempt to advertise their new range of Vierra 3D TVs, the Panasonic 3D Viera AR Greeting.

The app works with the iPhone, and when it is pointed at a specially designed t-shirt, a virtual Viera TV appears on the T-shirt and then displays a range of animals on 3D, you can see it in action in the video below.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air For iPhone 4

We have featured a number of different battery backup devices for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets, and whilst you wont need to use one as much with the iPhone 4 as you did with the 3G and 3GS, heavy users of the iPhone 4 will still need to use one.

One of my favourite cases for the 3G and the 3Gs was the Mophie Juice Pack Air, good news as Mophie have just launched a new version of the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4.

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Apple Launching iOS 4.1 8th September

Apple [AAPL] announced that it would be launching a new version of its iOS at its recent iPod event, iOS 4.1, which Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said would fix the speed issues users had been experiencing on the iPhone 3G.

Now it seems that users wont have long to wait as Apple will be releasing iOS 4.1 this week, on Wednesday the 8th of September. The details were briefly posted on the Apple UK website, and have now been removed.

Apple Launching iOS 4.1 8th September

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Speck Fitted Artsprojekt iPhone 4 Cases

Speck has launched a new range of limited edition case for the iPhone 4, The Speck Fitted Artsprojekt iPhone 4 cases, which have been produced in collaboration with with Artsprojekt Global Creative Network.

This look like some of the coolest iPhone 4 cases we have seen so far, and each one feature original artwork created by artists from around the world.

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MiLi PowerSpring4 iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

One of the major problems I had with my iPhone 3G and 3GS was battery life, and I always ended up using one of those battery extender cases for both models. The new iPhone 4 comes with an improved battery life, much better than the previous models.

If you are a heavy users of your iPhone 4, then you may need to use an external battery case with it, one of the first ones to hit the market is the new MiLi PowerSpring4 battery case for the iPhone 4.

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Apple Announces iOS 4.1

Apple has announced the latest version of their iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS 4.1, which brings a range of bug fixes and also some new features to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

As well as a range of bug fixes which include issues with the iPhone 3G, problems with Bluetooth and also the proximity sensor there are a range of new features.

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