EveryScape Eats iOS App Lets You Search Inside Local Restaurants (video)

A new iPhone and iPad app created by startup Everyscape called Eats that provides a way to view the inside of local restaurants providing a more personal search experience.

The Eats app provides a virtual walk through similar to Google street view but for restaurants taking the guess work out of the choosing the best place to eat. Check out hte demo and a walk through after the jump.

Eats App

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One Third Of The Top Grossing iPhone Apps Are Free Apps

You wouldn’t expect free applications to make a lot of money for developers, but it seems they are are GigaOM are reporting that one third of the top grossing iPhone apps are actually free applications.

Out of the to 100 grossing iPhone apps, 34 of those applications are free apps, so how do the developers make their money? Through in app purchases, and its seems this method is becoming a success for developers.

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Angry Birds iPhone Cases

One of the most popular games on Apple’s iOS platform is Angry Birds, and it is also becoming popular on Google’s Android platform. We have already seen some cool Angry Birds Plush Toys, and it seems that Rovio Mobile are expanding their Angry Birds themed accessories.

It seems that you will soon be able to have an Angry Bird protecting your shiny iPhone 4 with one of these fun Angry birds iPhone cases.

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iPad Gaming On Your HDTV With iPhone Controller (Video)

Apple TV has great potential for gaming on your HDTV if Apple enables apps on it, but what about the iPad? The guys over at Big Bucket Software have released a video of their iPad game The Incident 1.3 running on their HDTV.

As you will see in the video below, the game looks pretty good on the TV, and an iPhone is used to control the game, whilst the iPad is hooked up to the TV via an Apple iPad Dock connector and a VGA adapter.

iPad TV

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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPad Dock

Bang & Olufsen has just launched a new high end iOS docking station to their range. Allowing you to dock any iOS device from your iPhone to your iPad. Watch the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPad Dock promotional video after the break.

BeoSound 8

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Amplify Your iPhone 4 Volume With The Griffin AirCurve Play

You can now increase your iPhone 4’s volume output up to 10dB using Griffin’s new AirCurve Play. The AirCurve Play is based on Griffins original AirCurve but has been redesigned specifically for Apple iPhone 4.

The new design no longer sits in the device like a dock but lies flat and works without batteries or cables, using an innovative coiled waveguide.

Griffin AirCurve Play

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Gorilla iPhone 4 Tripod

If you are looking for a versatile mobile tripod for your iPhone 4. Joby has just added a new Gorillapod flexible tripod to their range specifically designed for Apple’s iPhone 4.

The tripod has over two dozen leg joints allowing you to create any position you need to get the right video or photograph. Its also equipped with a lock ring to secure your phone in position and rubberised ring and foot grips to provide stability on slippery surfaces.

Gorilla iPhone 4 Tripod

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Apple Tells Developers iOS 4.2 Coming Soon

We are still waiting for Apple to release iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and our hoping that Apple will release it some time this week.

Apple has just sent out an email to iOS developers, letting them know that ‘iOS 4.2 will soon be in the hands of millions of customers’, so at least we know that the launch of iOS 4.2 is imminent.

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Review: ExoGear Exolife Rechargable Battery Pack

If you find you need a little more juice, to power your iPhone 4 during day or need a few hours extra while travelling to view those movies. The Exolife Power & Protection rechargeable (1500 mAh) battery pack by Exogear might be worth a look.

The Exolife battery pack comes in a presentation case and includes the Exolife case and a USB re-charger cable. The Exolife measures only 2.44″ x 5.1″ x 0.59″ weighs just 59 grams around 2.08 ounces.


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CAZE ThinEdge Clear iPhone 4 Case

If you have suffered from reception issues with the dreaded iPhone death grip. A new iPhone 4 case from Caze my be worth a look. The new Caze ThinEdge case is as you would expect thin, but this case is extremely thin adding only 1mm to your iPhone when added.

Caze claims that the ThinEdge is the worlds thinnest iPhone 4 frame case, and at 1mm I could believe them.

CAZE ThinEdge

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