Oxygen Audio Car Stereo Integrates Your iPhone

French car audio manufacturer, Oxygen Audio, has released details of a new car stereo that integrates the Apple iPhone, it will be demoed at CES 2011 in January, the O’Car System.

The O’Car System, as you can see in the photo features a front plate that you snap your iPhone into, the phone can then be swivelled vertically and horizontally.

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17 year Old Makes $130,000 Selling White iPhone Parts, Could Face Apple Lawsuit

The unavailability of the white iPhone 4 until next year has created bit of a black market for parts for the iPhone 4, and one 17 year old, Fei Lam has managed to make over 130,000 by selling parts for the iPhone 4 that will turn it into a white iPhone 4.

It seems that the 17 year old could now possibly be facing a lawsuit from Apple, as it seems he was selling genuine white iPhone 4 parts from his website, and the parts were actually sourced from Apple’s iPhone 4 manufactured, Foxconn.

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iBlackBoard iPhone Case Concept

Are you one of those those people who is always polishing your gadgets to remove any dust and finger prints. If you are look away now as the iBlackBoard iPhone Case is not for the faint heart.

If you have a idea or just fancy customising the look of your case the iBlackBoard concept case allows you to do just that. Together with covering your iPhone and its connections in a lovely fine covering of chalk dust.


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Google Voice iPhone App Now Available From App Store

This is one app that has taken a long time to get into Apple’s iPhone app store, the Google Voice iPhone app, which is finally available as a free download from iTunes.

To use the app you will need a Google Voice account, and this will give you access to your voicemail, messages, and you can also send text messages and make Google Voice calls.

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Share Your SMS Chats With Bnter iPhone App

The Bnter iPhone app is similar to its web app big brother by allowing you to share and post your text chats to a personal profile together with Twitter and Facebook.

At the moment you simply have to cut and paste your text chat in Bnter to start sharing. But the developers are currently working on a new method of transferring the chat messages in a more streamlined fashion.


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i3DG Shows 3D Content On Your iPhone (video)

The i3Dg palm top theatre addon brings 3D direct to your iPhone, simply slip it on and start viewing. The i3DG is and analog device for the iPhone that converts its 2D images into glorious 3D.

It uses the already existing method using a 45 degree mirror infront of the image. Check out the demo video after the jump.


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Facebook iPhone App Gets Updated

Facebook has updated its free iPhone App, the latest version is Facebook 3.3.2 and it brings a range of new features to the iPhone as well as bug fixes.

The latest version of Facebook for the iPhone give you access to your account and privacy settings and also the Facebook help center direct from you iPhone.

Facebook iPhone App

There is also a bug fix which stopped users uploading photos to specific albums. The latest version of Facebook for the iPhone is available now from the App store.