Leica M8 And M9 iPhone 4 Decals

If yolu have always fancied owning your own Leica camera, but haven’t wwanted to shell out a small fortune on one, you can now mnake your iPhone 4 look like a Leica camera with these fun Leica M8 and Leica M9 iPhone 4 decals.

There are two different versions available, and each is designed toi be placed on the back of your iPhone 4, to protect that glass back from scratches and bumps.

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Apple Sells 100,000 iPhone 4s In China In First 4 Days

The other day we told you that the iPhone 4 hat been selling well in China, with supply outstripping demand. Now Vice President of China Unicom, Li Gang has announced that they have sold over 100,000 iPhone 4s in China in the first 4 days.

The had pre-orders for a total of 200,000 iPhone 4s even before it went on sale, and this comapres with a total of 100,000 of the iPhone 3GS and 3G which took a total of four months to reach the same sales figures.

Apple Sells 100,000 iPhone 4s In China In First 4 Days

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LARK Up Silent Alarm Clock iPhone Accessory

A company called Lark Technologies has launched a new accessory for the iPhone, called LARK Up, it is designed to be used as an alarm clock with your iPhone and it is also designed to wake you up silently rather than with an annoying loud alarm.

LARK Up consists of an iPhone application, a wristband and a custom bedside stand for your iPhone, when the alarm goes off the wristband vibrates, and this is designed to wake you up without having a noisy alarm.

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iControlPad Drops Apple Dock Connector Requires Bluetooth iOS Expert

iControlPad the gaming accessory for smartphones that has been in production since August has decide to change the connection design for its iPhone model.

The team behind it has decided to drop the Apple Dock connector within the device and instead use Bluetooth to connect to iPhones. The move comes over legal fears that Apple may require a license agreement if the dock connector is used.


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Official Google Voice iPhone App Coming Soon?

When Apple recently changed their app store guidelines, and allowed third part applications to create iPhone apps, it opened the door for Google Voice applications, we have already seen GV Mobile+ appear in the App Store.

Now it looks like Google may be about to launch an official Google Voice application for the iPhone and other iOS devices, as according to Tech Crunch, the application has already received its official approval from Apple.

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China’s iPhone Demand Outstrips Supply

Apple started selling the iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, and it seems like the Chinese launch of the iPhone 4 was another sucess for Apple, with massive crowds outside the Apple retail store in China.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for the new iPhone 4 is so high, that China Unicom are unable to meets demand, as they had received over 200,000 preorders for the iPhone 4, and more than 40,000 buyers received their iPhone 4 in China on launch day.

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SHatter iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Used On New iPod Touch 4G (Video)

Many iPhone and iPod Touch users are waiting for the release of the new ios 4.1 jailbreak, which uses the SHatter exploit, it seems that things are proceeding nicely according to the latest information from the iPhone Dev Team.

As you will see in the video below, the iPhone Dev Team have managed to jailbreak the new iPod Touch 4G, using the Shatter exploit that was discovered by pod2g.

SHatter iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Used On New iPod Touch 4G (Video)

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