Nintendo Game And Watch iPhone 4 Decals

If you are as old as me you will remember the the Nintendo Game and Watch handheld electronic consoles which Nintendo made in the 80’s and 90’s. Now you can give your iPhone 4 a cool retro gaming look with these fun Nintendo Game And Watch iPhone 4 decals.

There are two different decals available, a Mario Bros Game and Watch version and Super Mario Bros Game and Watch version, a great way to give your iPhone 4 a unique look.

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VLC Media Player iPhone App Now Available To Download

We told you a while back that the new VLC Media Player app for the iPhone and iPod Touch had been submitted to Apple for approval, good news as the VLC app is now available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free from the iTunes App store.

The VLC Media Player App will let you play a wide range of movie formats on your iPhonbe, and this new App joins the iPad version in the App store.

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Dualshock iPhone Dock

We have featured plenty of iPhone docs here on Geeky Gadgets but this DualShock iPhone Dock will surely appeal to retro PlayStation fans. Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding iPod Shuffle).

Dualshock iPhone Dock

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AT&T Activated 5.2 Million iPhones In Summer 2010

The iPhone has been a very popular smartphone for US mobile operator AT&T, and this summer they activated a record number of iPhones, with 5.2 million total iPhones activated this summer.

This compares to the spring period where they activated 3.2 million iPhones, an increase of 62.5 percent, obviously the new iPhone 4 had something to do with the increased numbers.

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Sleep Cycle iPhone Calculates When to Wake You

The Sleep Cycle app is a sleeping aid for iOS devices and has been designed to measure your sleeping patterns, and analyzes the data to determine the best window of time for you to wake up. Now won’t that be great.. hopefully it will choose sometime in the mid afternoon for me.

Sleep Cycle App

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Angry Birds Halloween Hands On (Photos)

Rovio Mobile has just released the latest installment in their massively popular Angry Birds game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Angry Birds Halloween.

Of course we had to try it out for resrearch purposes, and this new version is just as much fun as the original Angry Birds. It features 45 new levels, as well as some spooky Halloween themed music and graphics.

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Bone Horn Stand iPhone Speaker

The Bone Horn Stand is an un-powered amplifier for the iPhone 4, it works exactly like those old style horn speakers that are found on gramophones, and the speaker is fitted over the end of the iPhone where the built in speakers are.

The sound is the channelled through the horn, and according to the manufacture it will add 12 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone’s built in speakers, and as you can see in the photo it can also be used as a stand.

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