Film Director Shoots Entire Movie On An iPhone 4

We have seen a couple of short films which have been shot on the iPhone 4, and now Korean Film Director  has shot a 30 minute movie using an iPhone 4.

Director Park Chan-wook, who is one of South Korea’s most famous film directors for movies like ‘Old Boy’ has shot a 30 minute fantasy horror movie using just an iPhone 4, and the movie apparently cost $130,000 to make.

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MobileMe ‘Find My Friends’ Feature Found In iOS 4.3

As well as the new range of features Apple has in iOS 4.3 it looks like there is a new feature called ‘Find My Friends’ for MobileMe users, and it may end up being some sort of location based service to locate your friends similar to Google’s Latitude service.

The guys over at MacRumors spotted the new Find My Friends features in iOS 4.3 for MobileMe, and we already know that Apple intends to improve the MobileMe service this year.

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iOS 4.3 New Features Detailed

Apple has released iOS 4.3 to developers and we can now get an idea of some of the new features coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in iOS 4.3.

One feature that we heard about the other day is the Mobile Hotspot feature which will allow you to connect up to five different devices to your iPhone via WiFi, of course this feature will be carrier dependant and carriers will probably charge you an fee to use it.

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Classic PC Death Rally Game Remake Arriving On iOS Devices (video)

The classic Death Rally PC game is making a come back in March on the iPad and iPhone and looks set to be a great iOS device game.

Back in 1997 when the original Death Rally was released on PC this top down racing game received some great reviews and the new iOS device version looks set to makes it mark as another great game. Watch the trailer after the jump to see the iOS version in action.

ipad death rally

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Google Places Arrives On iOS Devices ‘With Hotpot’

Google has today announced that its Google Places already available on Android 1.6 and higher devices is now available for iOS devices. The first version of Places is available for all iOS devices in English only, however, expect Google to add more features and improvements soon.

Google Places with the Hotpot feature allows you to find retail and service locations within your proximity, with easy find buttons for restaurants, coffee houses, gas stations and more.

Google Place iOS

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Concept Game Boy iPhone Case

Last week at CES 2011 case makers and designers Incipio teased visitors with a fantastic looking conceptual Game Boy iPhone case. But unfortunately due to copyright concerns Incipio has no plans to ever bring the Game Boy iPhone case to market.

Sorry to tease even more but the Incipio iPhone case is fully detailed with button color, texture, and placement that’s nearly identical to Nintendo’s original Game Boy.

Game Boy iPhone Case

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Yantouch Black Diamond iPhone Dock

Well the Yantouch has to be one of the strangest and most unique iPhone docks we have featured here on Geeky Gadgets and unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of information available to explain how it works.

But when used with the accompanying Black Diamond iPhone app (available to download for free) the combination of device and app transforms the Black Diamond Dock into a sound sensitive mood lamp.


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Satarii Star iPhone Camera Dock Uses Motion Tracking (Video)

A company called Satarii have developed a new accessory for your mobile phone, the Satari Star dock, which is designed to be used with your smartphones video camera and it tracks your motion and moves around to capture video.

Have a look at the video of it in action below, it is working with an iPhone and as you will see in the video it track your movements using a remote sensor.

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Verizon iPhone Doesn’t Suffer From Death Grip?

Remember Antennagate, as it was aptly named, the whole fiasco which followed the launch of the iPhone 4 and many users reported problems with their iPhone’s signals when holding it in a certain way.

Back when the iPhone 4 was launched, Apple’s solution to the iPhone Death Grip was to give every iPhone 4 customer a free case or bumper, but it now looks like they may have solved the problem with the Verizon iPhone.

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iOS 4.3 To Bring Mobile Hotspot Features To iPhone

Yesterday Apple and Verizon Wireless announced thew new Verizon iPhone, and one of the features that the Verizon iPhone has over the AT&T model is the ability to use the iPhone as a mobile hotspot and connect up to five devices.

It looks like Apple intends to bring this feature to the GSM iPhone when the iOS software is updated to version 4.3, this makes sense as Apple wouldn’t want one version of their iPhone to have more features on one network than another.

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