Desk Pets TankBot Is Controlled By Your iPhones Accelerometer

We have seen a number of robots and remote controlled toys be controlled by the iPhone, many of these have been made by hobbyists and DIYers, now a company called Desk Pets is releasing a remote controlled toy that can be controlled by your iPhone’s accelerometer.

The Desk Pets TankBot comes with a dongle that is plugged into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you will then be able to control the little robots movement via your iPhone.

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Guardian Launches Subscription Based iPhone App

Back in December, the Guardian Newspaper announced that it would be launching a subscription based iPhone app, and the app has now gone live.

The Guardian iPhone app is available to download from iTunes, and it requires you to pay a subscription fee, of £2.99 for six month or £3.99 for twelve months.

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Apple On Track To Sell 100 Millionth iPhone in 2011

The iPhone has been a massive success for Apple, considering that Apple only entered the mobile market back in 2007, the iPhone’s popularity is an impressive achievement.

Apple announced yesterday that they sold 16.4 million iPhone’s in their last quarter, that brings the total iPhone’s sold up from 73.5 million, which was the figure back in September up to close to 90 million (about 89.75 million)  iPhone’s sold.

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Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Juice Pack (video)

Kensington have just added a new PowerLift back-up battery pack to their range that is slightly different to the run of the mill combined case and battery solutions.

The new Kensington PowerLift Back-Up is equipped with a 1200 mAh battery that Kensington say will add an extra 20 more hours of music playback, 5 more hours of video, 3.5 more hours of talk and even an extra hour and a half of FaceTime to your iPhone usage. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

PowerLift Back-Up

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Microsoft Launches OneNote For iOS Devices

Microsoft has launched their first Office application for Apple’s iOS devices, Microsoft OneNote, and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

OneNote for iOS devices lets you create and sync notes using Microsoft’s cloud based system, and this is the first part of the Microsoft Office suite that has been released on Apple’s iOS devices.

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AirView Turns Your iOS Device Into An AirPlay Receiver

A new free app has appeared in the iPhone App Store today, called AirView, and we suspect it wont be long before Apple pulls AirView from the app store.

What AirView does is turn any iOS device into an AirPlay receiver, meaning that you can stream video content from one iOS device to another, for example you could stream a video from your iPhone to your iPad.

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iCar Black Box Records Your Driving (video)

Similar to the black boxes used in aircraft to record their flight data, the iCar application for the iPhone allows you to transform your smartphone into an accident recording device for your car.

Once enabled will record any accidents you might to involved in, be it your fault or another, and features an analog and digital speedometer via GPS and G-sensor oscilloscope.

iCar Black Box

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White iPhone 4 Appears In Vodafone Germany’s Inventory

The last thing we heard about the elusive white iPhone 4 was that it would be available some time in the spring of 2011, this was the official word from Apple who announced this back in December.

We haven’t really heard much about the white iPhone 4 since then, but now it seems that the white iPhone 4 has appeared on the inventory system of mobile operator O2 Germany.

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Eton Mobius iPhone Juice Pack

Eton Corporation has just added the new Eton Mobius iPhone 4 battery pack to their line-up providing you with extra juice while out and about. But not only can the Eton Mobius be charged via a USB port it is also equipped with a large enhanced Monocrystal solar panel on the back which is nearly the same size as the iPhone itself.

Eton Mobius

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Guitar Foot Pedal iPhone 4 Decal

We have featured quite a few different iPhone 4 decals here at Geeky Gadgets, from the cool Sony Walkman iPhone 4 Decal to the awesome Polaroid Land Camera iPhone 4 Decal, the latest one will appeal to all the Guitar fans out there, the Guitar Foot Pedal iPhone 4 Decal.

The Guitar Foot Pedal iPhone 4 Decal is made by the same guys who brought us some of the cool iPhone 4 decals we have seen in the past, and it a great way to give your iPhone 4 a unique look.

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Project HiJack Uses iPhone’s 3.5mm Audio Jack (Video)

The majority of accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch uses Apple’s proprietary dock connector, and this means that hardware manufacturers have to pay Apple a license fee to make products using the dock connector.

We have already seen accessories which use the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone, like the Square payment system, and now some students at the University of Michigan have created a new accessory for the iPhone that uses the 3.5mm audio jack.

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