New Parallels Mobile App Runs Windows On Your iPad

With the launch of the new Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, software that allow you to run both Windows and OS X together. Parallels have released their Parallels Mobile App which is a free app thats allows uses to access their Windows desktop PC directly from their iPad. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Parallels Mobile iPad App

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XtremeMac Tango TRX Bluetooth iPod Dock

The guys over at XtremeMac have launch another cool apple accessory, the Tango TRX Bluetooth iPod dock, which is designed to be used with both the iPhone and iPod.

The Tango TRX Bluetooth iPod Dock features a 2.1 digital audio system, and it is designed to provide superior sound quality, wireless audio connectivity in a sleek design.

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Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Launch Imminent?

iPhone owners who are running iOS 4.1 are patiently waiting for an iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool to be released. Yesterday we told you about the SHatter exploit, that the iPhone Dev Team have found which makes you of the bootrom.

We have already heard that the Greenpois0n iOS jailbreak tool will work on iOS 4.1, and we are expecting it to be released shortly, but it looks like it may be coming sooner rather later.

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TRTL BOT iPhone 4 Cases Launched

The guys over at TRTL BOT have launched two new cases for the iPhone 4, the Minimalist 4 and the Kickstand 4, and both cases are designed to add extra functionality to your iPhone 4.

First up is the Kickstand 4, as the name suggests it features a built in Kickstand that lets you stand your iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes on a flat surface like you desk, this could be useful for watching videos or using FaceTime on the iPhone 4.

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Consumer Reports Still Doesn’t Recommend The iPhone 4

Consumers reports has issued a new statement on the Apple iPhone 4, after Apple recently announced that it would be ending its free iPhone 4 case program at the end of September.

Consumer Reports doesn’t seem to think it is a good idea for Apple’s customers that they are closing the iPhone 4 case program down, and now you will have to ring Apple to get an iPhone 4 case if you have any problems.

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Cydia Buys Competitor Rock Your Phone

In a move to become a single alternative to Apples iTunes App Store Cydia the alternative iPhone app store has just purchased its biggest competitor ‘Rock Your Phone’.

Cydia and Rock provide alternative application stores for iPhone users willing to jailbreak their handsets; allowing the installation of non-Apple-approved software.


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Sony RDP-X50iP iPhone And iPod Dock Announced

Sony has added another dock for the iPhone and iPod to its range with the launch of the Sony RDP-X50iP iPod and iPhone dock. The Sony RDP-X50iP iPod dock features a 20W + 20W digital amplifier and advanced speaker system.

It also comes with a wireless remote, which gives you full control over your iPhone or iPod Touch, and this one is designed to be more compact than previous models.

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iOS Game Center Friend List Limited To 500 Friends?

With the release of iOS 4.1, Apple added a range of new features, one of those features was aimed at gamers and was called Game Center. Game Center lets you play games online with your friends.

It seems that the friends list on Game Center is capped at 500 people, so don’t go adding everyone online or your will soon run out of space on your friends list.

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Shatter iOS Jailbreak Will Jailbreak All Existing iOS Devices, Including iOS 4.1

Last week we told you that the iPhone Dev Team had found an exploit which would enable them to release a jailbreak for iOS 4.1, for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The latest news on the jailbreak is that the exploit, now being called SHatter will jailbreak all existing iOS devices for good, and Apple wont be able to plug the hole until they release new hardware as the exploit uses the bootrom.

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iPhone 4 Free Case Program Closing 30th September

Apple [AAPL] has announced that their free case program for the iPhone 4 will end on the 30th of September 2010. Apple launched the free case program a while back after iPhone 4 users had problems with the new antenna on the iPhone 4.

Apple is also going back to their normal returns policy, for all iPhone 4s sold after the 30th of September 2010, although it looks like if you have a problem with your iPhone 4 you may still be able to get a free case.

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