iPhone 4 UK T-Mobile Pricing Released

T-Mobile has finally released their pricing for the iPhone 4 in the UK. 500mb of data is available across all the tariffs from £25 to £40 a month with 750mb on the £45 tariff and 1GB of data on the £60 per month.

As with the other UK iPhone 4 providers you will need to go for the £60 a month plan for a free iPhone 4. View the full T-Mobile tariff plans after the jump.

iPhone 4 UK

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Metaio Junaio App Brings Augmented Reality To iPhone iOS 4

Taking advantage of the new developer tools in iOS4 for interactive experiences Metaio have updated their Junaio augmented reality app with image recognition and object tracking.

Download the application from iTunes by searching for Junaio register and you then should be able to see augmented reality in action on the image below. Or watch the videos after the jump to get a feel for the app.

Metaio Junaio app

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iBoy iPhone 4 Game Boy Skin

Some of our readers will remember the cool Game Boy skin for the iPhone that we featured on the site last year. Now there is a new version available for the new iPhone 4, and it looks like a great way to protect that glass back from scratches.

The iBoy Game Boy iPhone 4 skin fits on the back of the iPhone 4, and will definitely appeal to all the Nintendo fans out there.

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Donkey Kong iOS 4 iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Yesterday we showed you the cool Pac-Man wallpaper for the iPhone 4 that was sent in by Geeky Gadgets reader Taylor Griffin. Taylor has been hard at work creating another new video game themed iPhone 4 wallpaper and has sent it in again to share with our readers.

This time Taylor has created this cool Donkey Kong Wallpaper for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, very clever I think this one is my favourite one so far.

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The $20,000 iPhone 4

We have featured quite a few of Stuart Hughes‘ creations before on Geeky Gadgets, the latest device to get covered in jewels and precious metal is Apple’s new iPhone 4.

The Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 is encrusted with 6.5cts of diamonds and the casing is made of platinum, as you can see in the photo the Apple logo is also covered in diamonds.

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Another Awesome Pac-Man iOS 4 iPhone 4 Wallpaper (Download)

Yesterday we featured some cool Pac-Man wallpaper for iOS 4 and the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Geeky Gadgets reader Taylor Griffin decided to make their own Pac-Man iOS 4 wallpaper, and you can see the results in the photos below.

This one looks even cooler than the one we saw yesterday, if you want to use this wallpaper on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, we have included the correctly sized image that Taylor sent in below.

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Strobe Pro iPhone 4 App Provides Motion Stopping Flash

The Strobe Pro app has been created and designed by John H. Meyer a 15 year old app programmer. It  allows you to use the flash in your iPhone 4 to create a strobe effect with options to use various speeds.

The Strobe Pro app has been submitted for approval by Apple and should soon be available in the Apple App store. Check out the video after the jump.

Strobe Pro iPhone App

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iWork For iPhone Leaked Images

The first give aways that Apples are working on iWorks for iPhone appeared in Steve Jobs keynote speech as a screen shot, then images appeared on Apples website and were quickly removed.

Now screenshots have been uncovered by 9to5mac.com for all three iWork applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Take a sneak peak in the video after the jump.

iPhone iWork

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Pac-Man iOS 4 Wallpaper For Your iPhone 4

One of the cool features in iOS 4 for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 is the ability to finally be able to customize your home screen and lock screen photos.

This has led to lots of cool custom images being released on the web, although we think this is probably the coolest one we have seen so far, and will definitely appeal to all the video game fans out there, the Pac-Man iOS 4 wallpaper.

Pac-Man iOS 4 Wallpaper For Your iPhone 4
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iTunes Apps Store Hacked, Users Charged For Apps They Didn’t Purchase

It seems that Apple’s iTunes App store has been hacked over the weekend, and individual iTunes user accounts have been also hacked and used to purchase iPhone applications from a couple of developers.

One developer has a total of 40 out of the top 50 applications in the books category in the US iTunes store and users have been charged quite a bit of money for these dodgy apps with some reporting being charged up to 800 dollars.

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