Braven 850 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With USB Charger Port Introduced

Braven has unveiled a new competitor to the Big Jambox at CES this week, with the launch of their new Braven 850 Bluetooth speaker which is measures nearly 30 cm in length.

The Braven 850 uses the same design styling as other Braven speakers in the range, and includes an aluminium case with drilled front speaker vent, and stylish rounded corners.

Braven 850

The Braven 850 has also been designed to charge iPad device, tablets and smartphones, using the emergency battery charger function, which debuted on the 600 series, providing a full-sized USB port to charge devices from

Users also have the ability to pair two Braven 850 speakers together to provide a true stereo effect if desired, but the Braven 850 Bluetooth speaker is priced at $300, so you will need deep pockets for stereo sound.

Source: Verge

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