Blade 2 iPhone 5 Case Available for Pre-Order

X Geared has announced a new iPhone 5 case is now up for pre-order called the Blade 2. This isn’t a sword wielding vampire hunting product, rather it’s made from a clear two-piece plastic shell protecting the front and back of your iPhone 5. The case provides screen protection and means all controls open for easy access.


The best part about this case for me is that it’s clear so you can still see your iPhone through the case and from a distance, it’s hard to tell you even have a case on the device. That lets you enjoy the aesthetics Apple is so famous for and protect your iPhone 5 same time.

The case is only 0.024-inch thick and has an anti-scratch coating to keep the case clear and looking good. The case can be pre-ordered now with shipping on February 14 for $24.99. The case is also available in a smoke version with a slight tint.

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