Raspberry Pi Turbo Mode Overclocking Adds 50 Percent More Performance

Raspberry Pi has this week introduced a new Turbo Mode for their $35 mini PC, which allows users to over clock their Raspberry Pi computers and squeeze out an extra 50 percent performance from the little device.

It was possible before to up the voltage of your Raspberry PI computer to gain extra processing power and speed but you also said goodbye to your warranty.

Raspberry Pi

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HP NFC Equipped Touch to Pair Mouse Unveiled

HP has this week taken the wraps off the first NFC enabled mouse called the Touch to Pair Mouse. Together with a variety of other computer peripherals, which have been designed to work specifically with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system when it arrives next month.

HP’s new Touch to Pair Mouse NFC mouse is the first of its kind and allows users to instantly connect their mouse tom any Bluetooth enabled device.

Touch to Pair Mouse NFC

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Roku Streaming Stick Arriving Next Month For $99

After initially unveiling their new Roku Streaming Stick back in January of this year at CES. Ruko has today announced that their new Roku Streaming Stick is now ready for consumers and will be shipping in October for $99.

The $99 price for the Roku Streaming Stick is the same as the existing Roku 2 XS set-top box, and the new Roku Streaming Stick offers all the same features in a smaller package.

Roku Streaming Stick

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iOS 6 Jailbroken Already By iPhone Dev-Team

Apple only released their new iOS 6 mobile operating system for its devices yesterday, but already the hacking crew over at the iPhone Dev-Team have wasted no time and has already jailbroken the new iOS6 software.

The latest jailbreak from the iPhone Dev-Team, will currently work on older A4 powered iPhones and iPods, with its redsn0w tethered jailbreak solution.

ios 6 Jailbreak

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Vimeo Video Sharing Service Introduces “Tip Jar” And Paywall Features For Creators (video)

Creators of video content on the Vimeo video sharing website, will from today be able to generate extra revenue, using two new features added today by Vimeo in the form of a Paywall and “Tip Jar”.

The new features have been added by Vimeo to allow its “deep community” ways to generate income from viewers, with Vimeo paying 85 percent of the gross revenue to video creators.

Vimeo Tip Jar

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Evernote Skitch App Released For iPhone And iPod Touch (videos)

Just ahead of the release of Apple’s new iOS mobile operating system, Evernote has released a new Skitch iPhone and iPod application.

Evernote acquired Skitch just over a year ago, when it had around 300,000 downloads, now Skitch has enjoyed over 10 million downloads, and will be receiving the full Evernote treatment with multi-platform availability and full synchronisation, says Evernote.

Skitch iPhone App

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Google Adding 600 New 20th Century Fox Movies And TV Shows To Google Play And YouTube

Google has this week announced a new partnership with 20th Century Fox, that will bring an additional 600 new movies and TV shows to YouTube, and Google Play in the US.

Also from yesterday you can also get your hands on the new Ridley Scott Prometheus film in glorious high definition, three weeks ahead of the Blu-ray, DVD and video-on-demand release. (US Only)


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