AT&T sues Cox over DVR patents


Lawsuits are nothing new in the technology world and one of the latest suits comes from AT&T as the firm sued Cox Communications for allegedly infringing on patents having to do with DVRs and more. Seven patents at the heart of this case cover topics ranging from DVRs to methods for hiding packet loss and frame erasure on a network.

AT&T says in court documents that it provided details to Cox on how its products infringe AT&T patents during meetings that were held in 2009 and 2010. AT&T says in court documents that Cox has avoided paying for its infringement by continually delaying or rescheduling negotiations. AT&T is claiming that Cox DVRs including the Explorer 8000 and 8300 infringe on two AT&T patents.

Neither of those DVRs is made by Cox, both are made by Cisco. AT&T also alleges that the Cox digital telephone system infringes its patent along with Cox cable modems the seven patents that are at the heart of this case include patent no 5,809,492, 6,118,976, 6,487,200, 6,952,668, 7,233,897, and 7,908,140. The last patent is 7,907,714. AT&T is seeking unspecified damages. An AT&T said in a statement, “After trying for more than five years to reach a reasonable license agreement with Cox for its use of our patented technology, we had no alternative but to seek assistance from the court.”

via ArsTechnica

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