Apple’s Siri Can Even Tell You A Story, After A Little Nagging

We have featured a number of the humorous questions you can ask Apple’s new Siri personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, but its now been revealed that Siri is even capable of telling you a short story. All be it after a fair bit of asking and nagging.

It was discovered by Amanda Stewart that if you ask Siri to “tell me a story”, she will try to get out of the the task by saying she doesn’t know any good ones and that the story is silly. But if you persist Siri will finally start to read you a short story about a “quite intelligent agent by the name of Siri.”

Siri Story

Why not give it a try on your iPhone 4 S and see if you get the same results when Siri tells you a story. I have also embedded a video showing a few of Siri’s other humorous quirky sayings in the video below.

Source: TNW : Amanda Stewart

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  • Star Zagofsky

    Fun Easter egg! In some ways, it’s surprising that Apple created a “story,” but in other ways, it’s not. Time and again in news reports, we’re seeing that Apple hit a home run by anticipating people’s desire to play games with Siri and ask her silly quesitons. “Never underestimate the value of fun” is one of the key marketing lessons we can learn from Siri.

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  • the creative type

    How about giving me a little bit of credit there Julian. 

    Boredom has its benefits. :) 

  • Julian Horsey

    Great little find Amanda, sry linked to the original article on TNW but have now added your link to source and article 😀

  • the creative type

    Thanks so much.. :) 
    Yes it was. I tried bedtime story and it failed. I find you have to ask Siri a few times before she does anything out of the ordinary.You have a twitter handle?

  • Gpugh

    It will tell you a joke to if you ask it long enough

  • Steve Cary

    It worked! I had to ask her about ten times before she would, though.

  • Rochelle

    This does not work I sat here for 30 mins. And it still would not tell me a joke