Apple To Use Slim Bezel For 7.85 Inch iPad (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors that Apple would launch an iPad mini for quite some time, we recently heard that Apple is planning to launch a 7.85 inch iPad Mini later this year.

Now according to another rumor from Digitimes, the so called iPad mini will come with a slim bezel display on its 7.85 inch screen, although the device is not expected to feature a Retina display like the new iPad.

Apple iPad

The 7.85 inch iPad is rumored to retail in the sub $300 market, priced between $249 and $299, although with the recent price reduction for the iPad 2 to $399, we suspect it is less than likely that they will launch a smaller iPad.

Source Apple Insider, Digitimes

Apple has now launched their new iPad Mini, have a look at the difference between iPad and iPad Mini.


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