Apple iOS 7, Full Details

Yesterday Apple announced their next generation mobile OS, Apple iOS 7 which will land on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this fall, and it comes with a completely new design and a range of new features.

Apple CEO said that Apple iOS 7 is the ‘biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone’, it features a new color scheme, and a translucency which Apple says creates a sense of of depth and vitality.

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 features a re-designed interface and new multitasking, plus the icons on iOS 7 now have a much flatter look, and it features a range of bright colors, plus all of the apps have a new look and feel.

As well as the new design there are a number of new features in Apple iOS 7 which include Control Center, this gives you quick access to controls like screen brightness, Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth an much more, you can also play and pause your music and access a number of other new features.

Apple iOS 7

The Notification Center on iOS 7 also comes with a new look and new features, and Apple has finally introduced a full version of Multitasking that will work with all applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Multitasking now lets you switch directly between apps on the handsets home screen, without having to go in an out of applications, you press the home button twice and it will give you preview screens of each app that is open, you can then swipe across all of your open apps to the one you want to use.

Apple iOS 7

Another major new feature included in multitasking is what Apple calls intelligently scheduled updates, your apps will now automatically update themselves in the background, according to Apple this will happen during power efficient times, for example when you are using your device.

The Camera app on Apple iOS 7 has also got a new design and new features, it it now comes with a range of new built in filters that can be chosen when you are actually taking the photo, so there is no additional editing needed after the photo has been snapped.

Apple iOS 7

Apple has also added AirDrop to iOS 7, you will now be able to share your photos, files and basically anything you want with your friends over WiFi, you can share a file with multiple people in a room.

Apple’s mobile browser iOS 7 also has a new look and feel, with a new tab view, and deeper Twitter integration with shared links and reading list has also been updated, plus Apple is also launching iCloud Keychain, which will allow you to store all of your passwords for various websites through all of your iOS and Mac devices.

Apple iOS 7

Another new feature that will launch in Apple iOS 7 is iTunes Radio, this will be a free music streaming service similar to Spotify, it will be either Ad supported or completely free if you already subscribe to Apple’s iTunes Match, we will have full details on iTunes Radio later.

Apple’s Siri has also go a new look and feel, and it also comes with a range of new features including integration with Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter, Apple’s App store also gets a new look and new features.

Apple has announced that Apple iOS 7 will be launching this fall, they have now released iOS 7 Beta 1 to developers, we suspect it will probably launch around September with the launch of the new iPhone 5S.

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