Apple iOS 7 Adoption Hits 74 Percent

Back in October, we heard that Apple iOS 7 was on 73 percent of devices, this was an unofficial figure and now we have some actual details for Apple on iOS 7 adoption.

Apple released iOS 7 back in September, and now the company has revealed on its developer page that Apple iOS 7 has now hit 74 percent of all iOS devices.

Apple iOS 7

Apple also share some other figures on the split between the various versions of their mobile OS, iOS 6 is on 22 percent of devices and earlier version of iOS make up just 4 percent of all devices, the figures are measure by Apple’s app store during a seven day period to the 1st of December.

Apple has released a couple of small updates to iOS 7 since the original version was released back in September, these have mainly been bug fix updates to fix a number of issues that people had experienced.

74 percent after a couple of months certainly seems impressive, although these figures take into account new devices, like the iPhone 5S which was also launched back in September and comes with iOS 7 out of the box, and also the new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Source Apple, Engadget