Apple Has A Team Of 100 Working On Its iOS iWatch (Rumor)

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Apple were working on a new iOS powered watch, the device which has been given the nickname of the iWatch is apparently in development by Apple.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the iWatch would appear to be a much more serious project from Apple that we had previously thought, and Apple apparently have a team of around 100 people working on the device.


This would suggest that Apple is actually developing the iWatch to be released as a product, rather than it just being a potential project for the future, the team is apparently being led by Apple’s James Foster, who is the senior director of engineering at Apple.

The device is rumored to be a companion device for Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, it will be interesting to see exactly what it is like when it is finally revealed.

Source Bloomberg

Image Credit: ADR Studio

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