Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Company Is Looking At New Categories

There have been rumors that Apple are working on a number of new devices which include a new HDTV and an iWatch, although we have not heard anything about these devices from Apple so far.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has confirmed to shareholders at a recent meeting that they are looking at new categories to add to their existing product range, although he did not reveal any details on what these categories might be.


“Obviously we’re looking a new categories,” Cook told shareholders. “We don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them.”

We have been hearing rumors about an HDTV for quite some time, and 2013 might just be the year that Apple unveils the device, we have also been hearing rumors recently about an Apple iWatch.

TheĀ  iWatch is rumored to be an iOS device that will be able to communicate with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we really do not know much about the device as yet.

The Apple TV which is a set top box has become quite a popular device, Apple sold two million of them in their last financial quarter and we suspect their HDTV will be even more popular.

Of course they could possibly have other new devices in the works that we are yet to hear anything about, as soon as we get some more details on what Apple has planned we will let you guys know.

Source Apple Insider

Image Credit: ADR Studio

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