Apple And Samsung Gain US Smartphone Market Share

A new report has been released by comScore which shows the US smartphone market share for January of this year, and both Apple and Samsung have gained share in the smartphone market in the United States.

The report compares January to last October, Apple has increased their share of the US smartphone market to 37.8 percent, the are in first place for manufacturers, Samsung are in second place and they have also increased their share from 19.5 percent to 21.4 percent.

iPhone 5S

Apple And Samsung

The report also includes details for OS share, Android is still in the top spot with a 52.3 percent share although this is actually down from 53.6 percent from October of last year.

Apple And Samsung

Apple’s iOS share of the market has actually increased, it was at 34.3 percent for October of 2012, and in January of 2013 iOS has increased to a 37.8 percent share of the smartphone market.

Source comScore

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